Live Video Call with SANTA - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book one live call for more than one child?

Yes you can and we understand that you may want to include siblings in one call. We ask you to make sure you enter the details for each child in order in the booking form questionaire. Also please remember that the call length will still be for 5 minutes and Santa will try and make it as unique for each child in that time. We suggest that calls are limited to 2 or 3 children. We won't accept groups of children that are not siblings.

Can we Screen Record or Screen Shot the Call?

Yes you are allowed to either record or snap shot the call. We currently cannot offer a live recording due to the type of call service we are using, but if you have software that enables you to record the call, without interferring with the service, you are free to do so.

How will Santa make this call Unique to my Child

When you have booked your call you will have completed a booking questionaire. Santa will refer to this to make sure that the call is bespoke for each child.

Why are you asking for Early Bookings?

This service is new for us and we are having to establish exactly how much demand there will be. We anticipate that this is likely to be very popular (Although we also realise that people are not necessarily 'Christmassy' until December).

Booking early will ensure that you get a call slot allocated to you and will avoid potential disappointment when slots start to fill up. 

Is Zoom Safe and really Free to Use?

Yes Zoom is safe for this type of call. It is also free to use and install. You simply have to install the application on your PC, Tablet, Phone or other device and register an account. Zoom only costs money if you want to upgrade to a business account.

What do I need to make the Call?

You will need access to a device with Zoom installed, a booked call date and time, wifi or 4G network access. You will have been given the unique Call ID (For the Zoom meeting) and Pass Code. Simply log in about 10 minutes before your allocated time (on the correct day) and you will be placed in a waiting room. You will be brought into the call with Santa at your call time (Please allow a little flexibility for slight over/under runs of other calls).

How safe is our Data and How will it be Used?

Our booking system will automatically collect the data you provide including the email address used for booking and the details provided on our booking sheet. We will only use this data for the provision of the LIVE call to Santa service and we will not keep or maintain any data beyond this service. We may keep your contact email information to invite you to book in subsequent years for the Live Call to Santa service. You can opt out of this by email if you wish.

We will not sell on any data provided or supply data free to any other organisation or user.

Payment data is managed through PayPal and is collected / maintained safely in accordance with their policies. We will only retain invoice data for our records.

Are we able to reschedule a booked call?

Our system does give the option of being able to reschedule a booking. This is however limited to offering an alternative whilst there is still availability. When all booking options are full we will be unable to offer an alternative appointment. 

Refunds are only possible in advance of a booked slot (we will require 48 hours notice prior to your booked date and time). We cannot offer refunds in any other situation due to the inability to re-allocate a booking at short notice.