About Ryan

Ryan Sayce started working at the photography studio nearly 4 years ago. I took him on initially as a photographer's assistant (humping and dumping, cleaning and holding things), but within a few weeks it was clear that he had the desire to become a photographer in his own right.

From the outset I have been keen for Ryan to develop photography skills in a wide range of disciplines. He studied photography at sixth form, along with a bespoke training programme as part of my team. This will give him a solid grounding in studio, wedding, landscape, night and product photography with of course digital editing techniques.

At 20 Ryan has the makings of a top professional. Always keen to learn and develop whilst working on his 'quietness' around people that he doesn't know. 

His journey started properly 4 years ago and since then he has been learning the camera skills and lighting techniques to back up his incredible 'natural eye' for a good shot. He is now at the stage where I am confident that his work has progressed way beyond that of an 'entry level' photographer and I am giving him the opportunity to develop as a second or third photographer at weddings and undertake some studio work of his own (supported of course).

Ryan can now take bookings for studio work at a fee relative to his experience. He will act as a second or third photographer at weddings (subject to his availability) without additional fees.

You can book a studio session with Ryan on our Make a Bookings Page