We charge a fee of £25 for the first hour of photography repair to make the service commercially viable. We then charge £10 per hour (after the first hour) for any work conducted repairing a single photograph or set of photographs. We will provide an estimate (which will not increase by more than 10%) when we look at the work that you are asking us to do. 

Repairs are graded as follows:

Severe Damage - Approximately 4 hours (£75.00)

Damaged - Approximately 2 hours (£35.00)

Light Damage - 1 hour (£25.00)

Light Touch Up - 15-30 minutes (2-4 photographs in 1 hour £25.00 then £10 per hour)

Simple Digitising - 10 minutes (6 photographs per hour £25.00 then £10 per hour)