Terms and conditions

The Photography Studio is operated by MR J Images - (The Service Provider) and all work carried out by MR J Images is copyrighted / with retained rights of the photographer(s) working as part of MR J Images. Clients (Our Customers) may be given 'Free for Use' to print, copy and share our images as part of the services we provide - Customers are not allowed to re-edit our work without our express permission.

MR J Images may use any of the images captured in any session including studio, commercial, event, wedding or corporate for the purposes of advertising including posters, website, social media and promotional materials - without seeking the permission of the participants. MR J Images will consider client requests to restrict image use on a case by case basis this will include requests to retract 'historically' published images.    

Clients will receive the products and services booked and paid for within the terms of the session or shoot - we may agree to amend prices or provide further images and products at our discretion. In the unlikely event of being unable to complete a booked service we are liable only for any fees paid in advance.

In the unlikely event of a customer being unsatisfied with the quality of the products or service provided - We will work to resolve any dispute efficiently and as practically as possible.