Studio Shoots - General Information

The following will give you some information about our studio shoots 

Booking Time Information

Sessions are booked with a start time and will last between 1 and 2 hours depending on the session you booked. Participants are asked to turn up approximately 10 minutes before the booked starting time. If you are running late, please make sure you contact us to let us know - We allow up to 15 minutes before we will cancel the session (No Refunds are given for Failure to turn up or turning up late without giving us notice because we staff, heat and light our studio in advance of bookings). 

What to Wear

Please wear clothing that you feel comfortable in and you can bring other changes of clothing (One change in a 1 hour session or Two changes in a 2 hour session). Colourful clothing will add impact with white backdrop shoots and are ideal for younger children. Our backdrops are heavy paper and we ask that footwear is removed during the shoot (unless we have made specific arrangements with you prior to the shoot).

Disabled Access

We would like our studio to be accessible to all, but please be aware that we are on a second floor with a steep stairway. We are happy to help carry or support those with difficulty on stairs - please advise us in advance.

Glasses & Eye Wear

Our photography shoots in the studio use triggered flash lights or continuous day light LED lighting. Please be aware that glasses and other eye wear may have light patterning on images due to their reflective nature. We will endeavour to minimise this to maintain a view of individual eyes as far as practically possible. You may also choose to remove glasses/eye wear at times during the shoot. In some cases we can edit out some elements of reflected light, but not in areas directly over the eye itself.


We are willing to allow pets, with prior notice. There is a fee to cover backdrop cleaning/replacement (Paws are particularly good at marking paper backdrops), which is currently set at £15. We have had a variety of different pets at our studio and are open to most (I'm not keen on spiders though). Please be aware that the pet is to be under your control at all times and any serious damage caused by a pet 'out of control' will become your liability (not our insurance).

Child Supervision

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult and are to be supervised at all times. Please ensure that children do not play with any items or props around the studio (unless given items to use by the photographer). Our reception area, the studio and toilets are access areas - staff office and stores are out of bounds.

Any Other Questions

Please feel free to contact us by Email (We check and answer Emails daily - We don't check texts, phone or social media as regularly) with any questions you may have - we are always happy to help:

Our Email Address is -